SpotValet for iOS and Android

Product, Program and Project Manager 

Featured in the App Store, this all-new app was focused on delivering a SaaS valet application that was intuitive and unlike any other in the market at that time. It was the first app to allow vehicles to be remotely queued, pay for parking and tip all in one transaction. SpotValet was the only app that allowed users to skip the line for a nominal fee. 

Early reviews pushed the app to a 5-star average rating in the App Store and Google Play, making it a highly successful launch for our team of designers, developers, and engineers. Prior to entering hibernation, SpotValet was in-use at 28 locations.

Among my contributions to this project:

  • Worked with designers and developers to refine the overall UX, which was an extension of the experience first launched on iOS devices then to Android
  • Collaborated with engineers and designers to create a new UI for iPhone, based on user feedback
  • Prioritized features and bug fixes for our two-week sprints
  • Ran weekly internal bug bashes to receive candid feedback